Confidence in Every Choice

Our tool’s primary objective is to empower you with choice and clarity. No more second-guessing. With the 3D Edge Visualizer, you can preview the exact look of your chosen slab coupled with its edge profile, making your countertop more than a purchase – it becomes a tailored expression of your style.


Seamless Experience

As an integral part of the KBFCloud platform, the 3D Edge Visualizer works seamlessly with our Stone Gallery and 3D Room Visualizer. Now, envisioning your perfect countertop is only a click away.

Choose from a vast selection of stone or laminate surfaces from our curated Stone Gallery. Once selected, immerse yourself in a high-definition, 3D close-up view that can be effortlessly rotated. Beyond this, our standout feature allows you to visualize and compare various edge profiles in real-time, ensuring you find the profile that harmoniously complements your chosen surface.

Add Your Own Natural Stone Slabs

An exciting feature we offer is the ability for countertop manufacturers to upload photos of their own natural stone slabs directly to the Stone Gallery. These personalized selections are then automatically integrated into both the Edge Visualizer and the 3D Countertop Visualizer. This ensures that manufacturers can showcase their unique inventory while customers benefit from a wider, more authentic selection.