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Interactive Stone Gallery:  Discover a comprehensive digital collection of over 1,700 stone products from leading manufacturers. This platform is tailored for both your current inventory and future additions, allowing you to effortlessly find and upload products you’re already selling, as well as those you plan to add. Streamline your unique online selection, displaying your assortment with unprecedented ease and speed.


Add Your Product Images Instantly:  Customers appreciate one-of-a-kind choices; every natural stone slab is unique and deserves to be displayed properly. Whether you’re uploading an existing photo or capturing a fresh shot with your smartphone, you can swiftly add it to the library. Once uploaded, it’s automatically displayed online and seamlessly integrated into the Visualizer, ensuring your distinctive offerings won’t go unnoticed.


Real-Time 3D Visualization:  Let your customers see and feel their choices! From countertops to edges, visualize every detail in lifelike 3D. Our Room and Edge visualizers are VR-ready, providing an immersive experience that transforms viewers into customers.


Simple, Seamless, and User-Friendly:  Our platform is designed to be easily accessible for both sellers and customers, whether they’re using a mobile device or a desktop. With its straightforward interface, users enjoy a hassle-free experience without the need for any software installation, offering a flawless integration with your current website.


Boost Your Google Ranking: Each product added to our site becomes a distinct, indexed page. This not only broadens your visibility on Google but also enhances your chances of being found by potential customers. More indexed pages mean more opportunities to appear in search results, increasing engagement and reinforcing your site’s relevance. Embrace this strategy to elevate your Google ranking and attract more organic traffic.


Broaden Your Reach:  By showcasing your products, you’re also getting a free spot on KBFMarket.com – an expansive platform where potential customers discover top-notch remodeling companies and services.


All-Inclusive Subscription Offer:  Experience the Stone Gallery, 3D Countertop Visualizer, and Edge Visualizer with a complimentary 2-week trial that requires no credit card and can be canceled at your convenience. After the trial, you can choose between our monthly or annual subscription to continue enjoying full access. Additionally, with our annual plan, we can effortlessly integrate these premium tools into your website FREE OF CHARGE.


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